I Create Engaging Experiences

My Story

Since I was small I always admired games and their ability to captivate their players. Making people enjoy themself, letting them forget their everyday struggles. As a kid I always wondered, how the creators of the boardgames and videogames I played felt, knowing someone is using it – enjoying it – and maybe even brought to smile by it.
After working 6 years in software development (and 4 in VR-Development) I got a good taste of what creating something feels like, how it feels like for people to use something I made, and be glad it made their life and job easier.

While nice, this wasn’t the feeling I was looking for. I didn’t want people to be glad my creation makes their life easier. I want to make them happy and have fun.

So I now am trying to do just that – by making games for them to play, that hopefully makes them smile, enthrill them or even just make them laugh.